Brand Story


Here's a story of Menology that creates T-shirts for Indians, tailored to every body type

After getting success in Maxzone clothing, We wanted to play with different fabrics, patterns, Stitch & Structure keeping wearability in mind

Bingo: Menology got its birth because of our curiosity to experiment in our daily fashion

We developed multiple patterns of T-shirts that were comfortable, flattering, and versatile. We started blending our fabrics that were soft, breathable, and durable.

it was a celebration of creativity, individuality, and self-expression. And so, Menology continues to grow and inspire others to express their unique style through fashion.

Vision: Defining casual clothing globally

Mission : Experimental clothing
Create Value & Make difference
Refresh the fashion

We want you to experience what it took us more than 11 years to create

Ajay Kumar Agarwal



Where all do you deliver?

We deliver all over India

How long does the order take to deliver?

After the order has been placed we provide a confirmation with the estimated time of order arrival

How will I know which is the correct size option for me?

Our sizes vary from the fabrics and cuts we use. Please refer to our size chart to understand more about our sizes

Do I need to create an account to make a purchase?

Yes! without creating an account you will not be able to place an order. It is a very easy process only requires your email ID

What do I need to do if I need to return a product?

Please refer to our return policy on our website

What are the payment options on the website?

We accept debit card, net banking, UPI and wallet payment

What happens when the product I want is out of stock?

We try our best to keep all the products available to you. In case it is out of stock you can put in a request for restock and we will give that product priority