Menology Clothing with Disko Valley Exploring Ladakh in a way people never saw.

Menology X Disko Valley : Exploring Ladakh in a way people never saw

In our search for creating a campaign in Ladakh, we came across this very interesting group of people and their place on the ladakh map known as "Disko Valley".

Menology clothing with Disko valley

What is Disko Valley? Well this place is located near Shanti Stupa, Ladakh. It is an exclusive MTB bike park. All their tracks are thrilling, adventure packed which gives you a crazy rush of adrenaline!

And what do people do over there? These people just ride their bikes! Well not exactly, these people have actually left their homes to achieve a single goal of putting the sport of mountain biking on the grid and encourage more people to join this sport.

And we loved their work! So we decided to work with them and encourage their goal! In our campaign love where you belong, Gyatso Tundup, who founded Disko valley with some of his friends, talks about how they built this place and the love for their place they call home.

A campaign which shed light to their goal and also let their story be known to the world. Watch their story here and anytime you visit Ladakh, make sure to put Disko Valley in your list too!

Film by Menology Clothing- Love where you belong 

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