When it comes to getting dressed, you know what you like. But if you're getting asked “Didn't you wear that yesterday?” or if you've noticed that you look the same in every photo people post of you, it might be time to switch things up. Maybe you look at the clothes currently hanging in your closet and feel a little uninspired. Now is a great time to shake things up and experiment.


A smart starting point is to get rid of the items you don't wear. No you are never going to wear that jacket you bought just because it was on sale, just get rid of it. It not only gives you a view of what you have, but it also helps you to shop essential pieces which needs to be in your closet


It's time to ditch the black and wear something else too. The reason you feel that you don't have anything to wear is because everything just looks the same. Start with experimenting a few colors like blue, olive, beige, etc; once you've got the hang of it, you can move on to more playful colors. It's all about experimenting..

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If you still consider your 'chappal' (thongs) to be a footwear option, you were bound to get into this rut. Invest in good footwear, try out new styles. There are a lot of other options other than sneakers. Try something trending, like chunky soled loafers or some high top sneakers. Even the most simple outfits will get an unexpected boost.


There's something about unique, textured fabrics that makes even the simplest of outfits look cool and considered. Incorporating a texture instantly makes it look like you spent a lot of time putting your look together.


Browse Pinterest Like It’s Your Job

Check out Pinterest for style inspiration. Start saving things you like, and sooner or later, you will have a full gallery of references for future!

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